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Products / Features & Benefits

  • Swivel base available on most of our rocker recliners at a minimal cost.
  • Easy to install.
  • The swivel base allows recliners to rotate 360°, while motorized recliners can rotate 160°.


  • Superior construction grade spruce plywood is dried better so it doesn’t warp or crack.
  • We combine materials and make selections based on the application to ensure the strength and durability of our furniture. The wood pieces systematically interlock during the assembly process to create a strong, reinforced structure.
  • For areas of the frame that need to withstand more pressure, TimberStrand (R) is used. An engineered wood used for its strength which will not change due to humidity or temperature.
  • Our frames have a “L” shaped piece that connects the back of the arm to the seat. It works to stop the pivot point on the joint and reinforces the frame.
  • All the backs of our reclining furniture are removable to make moving and placing the furniture easier.

We work in co-development with Leggett & Platt, the world leader in this $6 billion industry.

  • Exclusivity on the design of the mechanism.
  • We are constantly innovating on the design of our mechanisms to enhance performance, fluidity of motion and function.
  • Manufactured in the United States, we invest more in our mechanisms by using a thicker grade metal for increased quality and durability.
  • The use of self-tapping screws reduces the risk of loose fastenings because they actually bite into the metal.
  • Adjustable legs on rocking chairs.
  • Swivel bases available on most rocking chairs.
  • High quality density foam (Density = 2.05 lb/ft3). The competition uses foams between 1.5 and 1.9 lb/ft3.
  • The compression of the foam provides flexibility and comfort (33-38 lb/in2) average 36 lb/in2.
  • We use pre-crushed foam to allow for better comfort from the moment you receive your furniture.
  • We use high quality No-Sag® springs linked by a metal rod use for better weight distribution.
  • Felt is installed over the springs to protect the foam and make them last longer.
  • Direct drive action.
  • Equal weight distribution, because both sides of the mechanism work simultaneously.
  • The other advantage of the external handle is that it helps to close the footrest.
  • Manual recliner (handle)
  • Handle type can be internal or external depending on the model.
  • Only 100% new polyester fibre is used in the manufacture of our furniture.
  • We use curled fibre for better resiliency, and because it retains its shape for longer (6 ripples per inch).
  • Fibres are silicone treated to avoid bunching up.
  • Fibres are hollow like a straw to allow air to flow through to create more abundance.
  • No recycled fibres are used because they do not provide good resiliency.
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