A reputation built on comfort. Proudly made in Canada.

In 1967, Irving Lubin founded Elran, the first Canadian company to specialize in the design and manufacturing of reclining furniture. Today, Elran is a second-generation family business lead and managed by Eric Abecassis.

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Features & benefits

Swivel base available on most rocker recliners for a minimal cost.

Superior construction grade spruce plywood is dried better so it doesn’t warp or crack.

All the backs of our reclining furniture are removable to make moving and placing the furniture easier.

Only 100% new polyester fibre is used in the manufacture of our furniture.

Reclining or stationary

Stationary options available depending on the model.

Manual recliner (handle) or power recliner (push button).

Handle type can be internal or external depending on the model.

Everything is in the details

With our highly skilled team of sewing, upholstery and furniture making specialists, we are able to offer the highest quality products. Perhaps, that’s one of the reasons even the most demanding customers have trusted Elran for decades.

We are constantly innovating on the design of our mechanisms to enhance performance, fluidity of motion and function.

We use curled fibre for better resiliency, and because it retains its shape for longer (6 ripples per inch).

Our reclining mechanisms have equal weight distribution because both sides of the mechanism work simultaneously.

We use pre-crushed foam to allow for better comfort from the moment you receive your furniture.

Effective methods

Our 235,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art plant is highly automated and efficient thanks to our cellular manufacturing process and just-in-time production system. From design to prototype testing, and all the way to final assembly, each step of our production process has a meticulous step-by-step verification system that serves to maintain our rigorous quality control standards.

“We believe in offering extremely high quality products that meet consumers’ expectations and are tailor-made for today’s lifestyle.”

Eric Abecassis, President & CEO